The company's history 


VS Construction Ltd. was established in 2011 by Hungarian individuals who have decades of experience in construction. The company progressed step by step – in the beginning, the owner was an employee, then became self-employed and when the business started to grow, it became an Ltd. During the past years, the main profile has also changed. In addition to general construction, the company started to deal with fire and water damage restoration and asbestos removal.

Nowadays, we are not only able to perform construction-rehabilitation-related works in a building, but in many cases we are mandated to save and clean damaged items, machines and technical equipment.

The expansion of our profile involved the introduction of new technologies. We had to create the technical conditions which enabled us to fulfill our orders. Therefore, management always tries to find new, modern and efficient solutions which can be used in our everyday work for the satisfaction of our customers.

Sándor Végh

Manager, owner