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Asbestos was often used in the building industry because it has good fire-resistant properties, e.g. manufacturing of eternit pipes until the millennium. Certainly, we can find asbestos in the heating system of buildings which were built the 50’s or 60’s and it’s extremely dangerous and harmful to inhale this material. But asbestos cement was also used in old roof padding which can be found in every Hungarian settlement.

Fortunately, these roofs are not so dangerous because the cement doesn’t let the asbestos into the air, but it is prohibited to break, drill or polish it because asbestos powder can get out into the air. In addition, it is required to announce the wrecking to the competent authority and making a work plan is necessary too; therefore, consult a specialist company if you would like to change your old roof.

Don’t forget about the asbestos-containing waste! It needs a special wrapping to avoid the risk of asbestos getting out. Transportation and storage are also regulated by strict laws.

Asbestos removal services:

  • Sampling preparation for lab test
  • Performing laboratory analysis and monitoring
  • Preparation of measuring and risk analysis
  • Preparation of work plans
  • Implementation of asbestos removal – wrecking eternity pipes and roofs
  • Wrapping and transporting asbestos-containing waste
  • Construction of new roofing

Sándor Végh

Manager, owner